Our Services

Announce Solutions is here to support you and your business.

Local and Remote Support

icon1Announce Solutions performs on site and remote access support.  Local support is within the Kern Country, California area but not limited to:  Tehachapi, Bakersfield, Rosamond, Ridgecrest and many other cities. Support is also available through remote services using our state of the art systems. Access to user systems and networks can be achieved to take care of your needs.

Internet and Communications

icon2Business today requires a visual representation on the Internet. Announce Solutions has solutions to make your presence known from website development, domain name registration to Internet connectivity options. Whether it is self hosted or 3rd party hosted, Announce Solutions can develop your website to increase new opportunities, interact with customers and provide a presence above your competition.  Our portfolio of custom created sites is available upon request.

Networks and Server

icon3So you don't have your own IT support staff or require specialized engineering?  Our network and infrastructure engineering can redesign your current network to meet todays demands, increase productivity and lessen down time.  On the other hand, perhaps it is necessary to design and implement new servers and technologies within your organization.Announce Solutions can assist. Announce Solutions also has services available if you are moving or relocating networking systems.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

icon4For most business, their data is the business.  Data security, loss prevention and restoration are vital to safeguarding company information.  Without proper back-up to multiple locations you are putting your business in harms way.  From a simple external disk drive to Storage Attached Networks there is a back-up strategy for every business size. How would you recover from an unexpected disaster?  Do you have a recovery plan?  Has it been tested?  These are only a few questions which must be asked for a successful data recovery and retention program.  Have Announce Solutions assist in development of your plan today.  What's your data worth?

Email Systems

icon5Email is the number one resource for communicating.  Improper email systems can lead to missed sales, system capacity overloads and frustrations.  Proper email systems require and extensive evaluation of your organizational structure, data structure types and volume to determine an appropriate email platform. Proper aligning of your business requirements are determining factors as to what email platform is best.  From IMAP, POP3, Web-base or Exchange services, improper email systems can cause loss of revenue, increased cost, and loss of productivity if not analyzed accordingly.

Desktop Support and Repair

icon6Unfortunately computers sometimes have hardware failure, malware infestations or require specialized configurations.  TheAnnounce Solutions repair facility maintains the highest level of diagnosis testing tools, recovery applications and spare parts.  All systems are fully backed-up prior to any level of work ensuring your information is never lost. As with many mechanical and electronic systems, routine maintenance is crucial to performance and system longevity.  We have monthly  maintenance programs available to keep your desktops,  laptops and printers running at peak performance.